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How to Create 360-Degree VideosSource:Soumyadeep Paul

How to Create 360-Degree Videos

Find the tools and steps how to capture the most interesting 360-degree videos for watching on various smartphones with different headsets.

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Find the tools and steps how to capture the most interesting 360-degree videos for watching on various smartphones with different headsets.

Creating and watching 360-degree videos are spreading among people quite fast. Those who are fans of various cutting edge technologies, try to get the best cameras and shoot the most exciting moments. Two famous social networks are providing platform to share their 360 videos with public.

So let’s have a look at the basic ways of creating 360 degree videos.

First tip is to select one of the most appropriate camera which will allow to shoot VR videos. Almost each month new camera is producing with new features and better quality. The most famous and professional cameras for creating 360-degree videos is producing by GoPro. Except GoPro cameras people can find various video cameras available from giant companies such as Giroptic 360cam, Nikon KeyMission 360, Sphericam 2, 360fly 4K, Bublcam, LG 360 CAM, Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K, Samsung Gear 360, Ricoh Theta S. There are many cameras to select for shooting 360-degree videos with any quality and with any circumstances.


So, let’s have a look at the cameras, which one suits best for which occasion, their price and features. GoPro suggests 3 types of cameras to shoot videos in mountains, in wet and rough circumstances and cameras which suits to capture underwater scenes.

With GoPro cameras you can shoot various activities, Go cameras are full HD and there is a special holder to attach several cameras on rig and start shooting. Hero 4 camera, which costs $4999, contains already 4 cameras, best suits to capture movements, it records videos from any angles and has tested many times by experts. This camera is a best suit to capture videos during various activities and during actions.

For shooting 360-degree videos you can have a look at alternative versions. For example Nikon KeyMission 360, which takes videos at 4k, it is shockproof and waterproof camera, freezeproof which persists till 14 degrees fahrenheit. Using this camera you can create fully 360-degree videos with high quality. This camera is available for pre order until 22nd of October of 2016. If we compare with Google VR rig which costs $15.000 Hero 5 is cheaper and shoot videos in high quality, this VR camera costs $5000 including six cameras, as well as Kolor software and memory card.

Source:LG 360 CAM

360 videos can be shoot with Samsung Gear 360($350) or LG 360 CAM($200), if we compare these two cameras Samsung does its job better, as there is a price difference between these two.

Samsung Gear owns f2.0 lenses and 15-megapixel cameras and those cameras can capture 195 degree angles, and provides 128 GB. Comparing with Samsung LG is lighter, has 4GB storage, camera is 13 megapixel.

Ricoh Theta S can be best choice for those who are not professional in shooting 360 videos, but are a amateur video recorder. It is not so expensive, you can get the camera by $350 and start taking 360 videos, it allows to shoot photos as well. Camera has a 8GB memory, recorded videos can take more than 25 minutes.
You can find more expensive cameras with more features and possibilities in the VR Market.

Source:Maurizio Pesce

After selecting camera for shooting 360 videos next steps are the following. First step is to make sure that your 360 video camera, as well as your cell phone is fully charged, especially in those cases when you are going to shoot videos in mountains, in sea or when you travel and want to have a city view or even when you take a racing by car.

Make sure that all the settings are set correctly to capture a video, especially you set the desired video size and speed.
Click Record a video button and start shooting the environment, people, occasion or actions.
After shooting videos you should edit them on your Macbook or PC and share with others. But before sharing you need to stitch your videos to bring them in finished line.

For stitching 360-Degree Videos each camera has its own ways to edit videos. The most famous software provides Kolor Autopano Video. Good thing about Kolor Autopano Video is that this software is available for Windows and Mac.

Autopano Video software automatically synchronizes your videos by stitching them together to get a final 360-degree video. Shows videos in Full HD, 4K and even export the individual shots.

After editing videos you need to share 360 videos on youtube as well as on Facebook.

360 Cameras
LG 360 CAM
Giroptic 360cam
Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K
Sphericam 2
360fly 4K
Samsung Gear 360
Ricoh Theta S
Nikon KeyMission 360
2 x 206° FOV f/1.8
4 x 190° FOV f/2.0
3 x 185° FOV f/2.8
1 x 235° FOV f/2.8
1 x 240° FOV f/2.5
2 x 206° FOV f/2
Stitched video
2560x1280 30fps
2688p x 1344p @ 15fps; 198
2048 x 1024 @ 30fps 12Mbps
2880 x 2880 pixels at 30 fps
4096 x 2048 @ 30fps 10-bit 8
1,504 x 1,504-pixel resolution at 30
3840x1920 @ 30fps
1920x1080 @ 30 fps
1080p24 and 1440x960p25/30
15 MP
20 MP
Records Video
2K videos
2K videos
4K videos
4K videos
4K videos
Youtube, Google Street View
Youtube, Facebook
Youtube, Google Street View, Facebook
Google Street View
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Wi-Fi, GPS, Gyroscope
Wi-Fi / NFC
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Battery Capacity
1,200 mAh
1560 mAh
up to 1 hour in video mode
1350 mAh
25 minutes continuous shooting

The most amazing moment is when after creation of your 360 degree videos you enjoy watching them on various virtual reality headsets. You can watch your 360 degree videos on Youtube, or such as Facebook via your smartphone with any headset start from Gear VR, VR Box or Google Cardboard. For watching 360 Videos from Facebook,using headset like Oculus there is a special application, which you need to link to your Facebook account. Open Oculus Video App in VR and follow the guidelines to have access on Facebook 360 videos.

People have the possibility to watch captured videos on Youtube using Google Cardboard on their Android Smartphones. What you need to do is set your Youtube mode VR selecting from settings Cardboard icon.On 16th of May 2016 Google VR has officially announced in their Twitter account that watching any Youtube videos with Cardboard is available for iOS as well. Inset your smartphone into the VR headset and start enjoying 360 Videos.

There are several tactics you need to know when you take and edit videos for Youtube platform. When creating 360 videos you need to have cameras such as Samsung Gear, Ricoh Theta S, or one of GoPro cameras, at this moment Youtube maintains videos with 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, or 60 shots per second, you can use Kolor Autopano for best results.

Before uploading video you need to download Youtube app for Windows if you are using Macbook then Mac Metadata application from Support Google. After installing open the app and upload video then Save as Spherical at your computer. You will get completely new file which will be ready to insert into Youtube channel. Be known that the procedure of uploading 360 video will take even one hour.

It is recommended not to edit videos when adding them on Youtube, as the edit tools does not support 360 video.

As to another giant platform, Facebook, in comparison with Youtube when you upload video you need to edit the video straight from Facebook. You can highlights some interesting moments of your video, users can watch video swiping by fingers using Android and iOS cellphones.With Facebook your amazing videos will be accessible for large group of people and for your friends.

Summing up the whole article there are 3 main steps you need to know. Which are as follows: Record an amazing video, Stitch it and then Publish it. Beside stitching your videos on desktop you can edit them hence on your smartphone, as there are special applications for smartphones allowing to edit 360 degree videos quickly.