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Ossic X VR Headphones Will be Delivered in Spring

Ossic X VR Headphones Will be Delivered in Spring

As virtual reality is being evolved now you can get immersed in VR through the cutting-edge headphone.

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As virtual reality is being evolved now you can get immersed in VR through the cutting-edge headphone. The Ossic X is a real 3D headphones which allow you to hear various sounds as in reality. The headphone itself is covered with audio VR technology and the Ossic X creators call it smart headphone. The interesting point of the headphone is when a user turns around the head the sound drives with them instead of staying at the same place.

The Ossic X 3D headphone was represented and experienced during the CES 2017. The headphone is specially designed to work with various VR devices by expanding music listening activity and virtual reality industry. The headphone has an adaptive algorithm that modifies the playback for the person wearing the headphone. Due to the several drivers within the headphone person listen to the sound as in real life.


During the event, the Ossic technology representative told that there is a special powerful PSD that runs the Ossic X 3D headphone which is processing real-time algorithm. This earpiece has got several drivers in each ear cup and due to the algorithm, it allows users to have special depth experience which users do not get with the common headphone.

The Ossic X 3D runs with big VR headsets like Oculus Rift, PSVR, HTC Vive providing individual activities for each user. Headphone’s several sensors in the ear cups give real time data back to the DSP. The user can easily enable/disable the feature that allows them to track positional or rotational data.

The Ossic was collaborating with different software firms to bring audio engines for games. The other VR headsets also have their own audio solutions which work great and render positional audio as Rift or Vive headset track users positions in the virtual area. Thus, what is the advantage of Ossic X headphone you could ask? This 3D headphone produces greater sound experience for a user, as it has more drivers in each ear than the VR headsets obtain. The headphone get the advantage when you listen to a music through it. This headphone changes the way how people listen to music providing vocals, instruments in and around their space. This experience is really hard to achieve. Ossic takes into consideration the size of user’s head in order to provide high-quality sound experience. Head tracking feature involves stability of the sounds that comes from various angles.


The headphone is compatible with many devices; like you can switch it to your Macbook/PC for listening to music and play VR games. The headphone operates with HTC Vive, Playstation VR and Rift, also for high-quality audio you can use it with PS4 or Xbox game consoles. Through micro USB or Auxiliary Port the headphone will be enabled on your mobile for 3D audio. The key features of the immersive 3D audio headphone are the following:

  • Position In Space
  • Head Size
  • Ear Shape

Ossic X is really great way to enjoy music due to the positional sound. It gives the feeling that the band is playing a music special for you or your favorite music is specially designed for you.The headphone launched with pretty awesome design, it is lightweight, simple and comfortable to utilize. In CES 2017 event people get the great chance to experience various music, games in VR through the headphone.

A/B testing has been accomplished during the conference, one was Bruno Mars and the other Pink Floyd song. There is a button on the headset and when you turn on the button you enhance music listening experience and when you make movements with your head the music sounds change the directions with your head. This experience was amazing, as the listener have the same experience as being in a great concert.


Ossic has debuted a successful campaign on Kickstarter for their Ossic X 3d headphones. When Ossic released its campaign it got $100,000 within several hours after the launch and also many people were excited about the headphone. From February to April of 2016 Ossic raised more than $2.7 million funds for the headphone. This was one of the most fantastic crusades in Kickstarter history selling 12.000 pieces.

The headphone will be shipped in January 2017. You can Pre-Order your Ossic X 3d headphone now from Ossic official website paying only $300.

Ossic immersive headphones are here to change the way people interact with the sounds, whether they listen to music, play game, watch a movie do not matter what device you use PC or your smartphones. This smart headphone delivers the same sounds you hear in the real world.

After purchasing the headphone when you start using it you have the feeling that Ossic X 3D produce the audio sounds that unique to you. Jason Riggs, CEO at Ossic, told to Mashable, which is a big media website, that all people are asymmetrical and human ears are formed in a particular way.

The sensors which added inside the Ossic X weighs the user’s head and ear, due to which it determines the “head-related transfer function” of a user. Playing games become more immersive using Ossic headphone. For example, when you play a game with HTC Vive called Secret Room, you feel and hear each minor sound providing by the game, which is not possible to have with custom headphone. The sound you receive with Ossic sometimes hard to describe though as this should be experienced by yourself. Ossic will work hard for bringing Ossic’s positional audio support in virtual reality games.

The Ossic has been established in 2014, at San Diego, California. The company’s mission is to alter the way people hear the world. Their team members are consists of developers, engineers, specialists in audio production and IT spheres. Those who already ordered their immersive 3D headphones can receive them in Spring of 2017.

This is the start point for the headphone and we should wait for more immersive capabilities from Ossic.