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The Ways to Becoming a Unity Developer for VR /AR

The Ways to Becoming a Unity Developer for VR /AR

Who are the developers in the market Leading companies in the technology sphere are still in the game of the development VR/ AR industry on front.

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Who are the developers in the market

Leading companies in the technology sphere are still in the game of the development VR/ AR industry on front. Google entered the VR market with its Cardboard then, which followed the major launch of Facebook’s Oculus that costed $2 billion, but there is still a lack of VR/AR developers for creating interesting content for the appropriate platform.

Unity, which is a well known game engine among developers, is the platform that is utilized by millions of developers. Due to the Unity users may export their works into various platforms such as Playstation, Oculus or iOS or other ones. During the following two years Unity has developed its platform by adding support for many VR/AR industries like Hololens, Vive, PSVR also for other major headsets.

Marcos Sanchez, who is a leading global communication at Unity, reported in his statement that Unity’s platform for everyone and added that there is a need for VR game creators who are skillful enough for building the most interesting VR games for the VR industry.


Big initiatives utilizing Unity’s engine for building virtual reality contents, for instance, NASA used Unity platform when created implements to manage the Mars Curiosity Rover. Not only NASA involved in VR, but the other major organizations build tools for the training using Unity added Marcos Sanchez.

Approximately 8000 job announcements are posted in the Linkedin that are available to apply for working in the United States for Unity developers.

According to the IDC report where are mentioned the research result accomplished by them, is that AR/VR industry will grow more than $160 billion in 2020.

Jerome Solomon, who is the Game Design Development Director considers that the game creators that already knows how to build games through Unity will create games for VR/AR industry easily. Due to the Pokemon Go success people became more familiar with these two industries which will become a developed platform for the entertaining.

How to become VR developers


Unity has its own platform that teaches the basics of the development of VR industry. With Unity you can create your VR games and even download already existed samples. All the steps needed for building VR games are provided on the Getting Started with VR Development at Unity website.

There is another program called Nanodegree suggested by Udacity, which provides many courses, tutorials on programming. Nanodegree program teaches game creators who build games, apps and other experiences in virtual reality. Due to this project you learn everything that needed to create amazing things for VR.

Learn VR dev website suggests its own online paid courses that teach all the techniques and skills needed for beeing a VR developer with Unity. One preview option is available to have a look at the video and for unlocking the other courses you need to pay.

The other major companies that produce VR headsets suggest content creators be involved in VR game production. Google provides full documentation on how to become a Cardboard or Daydream game creator, then HTC Vive represents its Viveport program and another giant Oculus published its VR developers spotlight. These headsets manufacturers are welcome all people to build VR content for their platform no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional game creator. All companies are at the leading edge of innovation in content discovery for their VR helmets.

Script Mode is another online source that teaches people how to become a VR content creator, the course is completely free you get a free eBook, step by step instruction and 100% source code. Udemy which is a big platform that suggests various online courses has a VR courses on how to make Mobile VR Games in Unity with C# for Google Cardboard.

Microsoft Hololens with the partnership of Unity provides developers the options that will let them build mixed reality apps for the innovative Hololens headset. VR/AR industry is evolving and more people are integrating into this sphere. As we could see many courses are available to teach how to be VR/AR developer and create the most stunning contents.

Development challenges

Building VR content has its difficult parts as well. For instance, Robert Armstrong who is the CEO of Appstem, that is a company involved in the development of iOS and Android app designs, considers that if Unity interested in the development of VR industry then it will gather massive talented people who will develop VR sphere with innovative ways.


Richmond claimed that for virtual reality content development it will take time and will demand some tools. For example, for writing some functions developers utilize C# language but for VR content there is not certain language.

Sanchez thinks that AR/VR industry is in their initial development. Many things are new which means that storytelling in VR is not that easy. Sanchez added that the most difficult part of storytelling in VR is that observer has an entire control over the things that happening. VR is the language that demands some time to be experienced.

Ways to learn Unity and Demand Unity is one of the best platform available in the market that allows creators to build 2D/3D games as well as VR/AR games for both PC and smartphone. In order to get started the game creation procedure, you need to get a free version of Unity platform on your desktop.

Unity suggests various useful documentations that guide them how to utilize Unity. It contains not only written information but video demonstration, training as well.The community of Unity is active and open for sharing the information. Unity forum is there to answer all your questions and gather all enthusiasts together.


Unity launched a new platform called unity connect which helps people to come together. Thousands of people who search job and employees who post announcements use Unity Connect to meet their demands. Christian Plagemann, the head of Udacity and one of the founders Google VR group claims that the demand for the VR/AR content creators are high and it is very hard to find professional VR developer, as one should have a good taste of design, be more effective.

Udacity VR program costs $200 for each month and they also suggest 50% of discount within some conditions. Christian Plagemann added that there is a great number of interest among people to be VR/AR developer. He said that many VR developers mostly were game developers or came from filmmaking industry.

Medium size studios are trying to create virtual reality applications for major companies. Plagemann told that the most important thing is not to sit and read documentations on how to build great VR contents but trying to build this is the most valuable in this sphere.

Eduonix, that is a large platform offering various online courses and Coursera suggests Massive Open online Courses for anyone willing to learn.


The most valuable advice that Richmond gives all VR/AR enthusiasts is to set a goal and even have some prototypes before they start taking actual steps. The developers need to understand the targeted audience for the game, why users select their game and what they can do during the play. After having the answers all these questions you need to get Unity free program and start creating the most interesting VR content.

Hansoft Chair and CEO Patric Palm suggests VR lovers learn JavaScript before trying Unity platform. The other point he mentioned is to find a co-worker as working with another person will bring new ideas during the development.

VR platform development will certainly take some time in order to reach its high point and Plagemann said that if giants like Facebook, Samsung, HTC and Google are into the game then VR will become the next big thing in the technology sphere.