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Xiaomi Unveils Mi VR Headset

Xiaomi Unveils Mi VR Headset

Virtual Reality is spreading all over the world and this time in the center of attention is China. Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi has released

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Virtual Reality is spreading all over the world and this time in the center of attention is China. Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi has released its second virtual reality headset. Xiaomi’s CEO Lei along with Mi 2 smartphone announced its second VR helmet – Mi VR during the event organized by Xiaomi in Beijing on 25th of October.

Mi VR helmet which weighs only 408 grams has a white color with stylish appearance. This headset comes with wireless controller compatible only with the smartphones produced by Xiaomi. Mi VR helmet owners will be able to use the helmet with the following phones new released Mi Note 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus.

The headset is not available for purchase in stores now, although buyers can find Mi VR listed on Xiaomi official website. It costs $70 which equivalent to Chinese Yuan is 199 RMB. Xiaomi claims that using Mi VR helmet users won’t have motion sickness which is considered to be the negative point of virtual reality devices.

Along with headset Xiaomi produced its MIUI store so the headset owners will have a great chance to experience wide range of immersive content. There will be more than 500 engaging videos also 30 applications to use and this is not all Xiaomi reported during the event that approximately 200 developers are joint to their team for the creation of applications.

The technology manufacturer also has released its first VR helmet back in August 2016 called Mi VR Play. Mi VR Play is available to purchase for $20 on Xiaomi website. You can use this headset not only with smartphones produced by Xiaomi also with other phones which have minimum 4.7 and 5.7 screen sizes. The headset is covered with special clothing which can be changed into another printed one.


According to company they made Mi VR Play helmet compatible with other Android and iOS phones to expand virtual reality experience in the Chinese market. As to the brand new Mi VR helmet there is no any information whether Xiaomi will make accessible its helmet with other smartphones.

Mi VR Play is created from lycra and it is lighter than Mi VR helmet. Having Mi VR Play helmet you can use it with Google Cardboard application but in China many internet sources are not available so Xiaomi started to create its Mi VR platform partnering with Youku as well as Condé Nast.

Coming back to the Mi VR it looks like more Samsung Gear VR helmet and has some resemblance to Daydream. Also, there is no confirm report whether Mi VR will work with Google’s VR platform like previous Mi VR Play version.


As the Mi VR headset is compatible only with Xiaomi smartphones we can not expect to have the headset in the US also in European countries. Xiaomi should first expand its mobiles or make compatible its VR headset with other phones.

Closer Look Of Mi VR

Mi VR Highlights
– 9-axis inertial motion controller
– Built-in dedicated motion sensor
– 16ms ultra-low latency
– Product weight: 408g
– Product Size: 295mm*200mm*156mm
– Motion controller Size: 117mm*40mm*15.5mm
– Motion controller weight: 25g

It would be interesting to explore Chinese store which will include more than 30 applications also there will be many engaging videos to have real fun with the helmet. In order to extend its platform and provide their consumers with high-quality content Xiaomi has gathered more than 200 developers who have already join to their team.


Taking into consideration the fact that Xiaomi will release its MI VR helmet for the International Market this will become one of the spread VR helmets that people can afford to use. It is worth to mention that Mi VR is the developed version of the previous Mi VR Play helmet. Due to its comfortable design and controller Mi VR has the opportunity to become one of the best wearable technologies with inexperience price suggesting the best immersion.

As the headset is working only with Xiaomi’s phones it can be used in Chinese Market and there is no additional information when the headset will wind up in American and European consumer’s hands.

Xiaomi announced the release on their official Facebook page that they had produced Mi VR which is the setup of their first Mi VR helmet.

Xiaomi is the company, build back in 2010 in Beijing, which tries to enable high quality technologies to everyone. The company’s CEO is Lei Jun who is considered to be the 23rd rich person in China based on Forbes results.


Xiaomi is the 4th electronics company which manufactures mobile phones in the world. CEO Jun considers that there is no need to pay high cost for high-quality technologies and they suggest devices with lower price. The company sells its products in many countries and tries to expand the boundaries.

The interesting point is that the company got investment of $1.1 billion back in 2014 from various investors. Starting from 2016 Xiaomi begins to be involved in virtual reality Market by producing its first lower cost VR helmet. After which, several months later Xiaomi unveils its second developed virtual reality helmet with Mi smartphones.

This is the start point in the VR Market along with 30 applications Xiaomi continues to create fresh contents for its VR platform to supply consumers high-quality immersion.

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