A New VR Center In Paris

A New VR Center In Paris

A New VR Center In Paris

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On December 11th the MK2, which is a French cinema company, reported about its innovation in VR world. The agency has opened for VR lovers a social VR center in Paris, which will let the visitors to experiment a number of VR eyewears.

The innovation is named MK2 VR. The center occupies 3,000 square meters area. In southeast of Paris the facility has operator’s flagship cinema, where are offered various entertainments on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Over the ring station are fixed 12 pods, which are provided with chains with the headsets on. So it makes easy to use headsets for the visitors. The customers can also lie belly down when wearing headsets with the most excellent flight simulator Birdly and fly over Manhattan. This HTC Vive motion runs with two paddles.


The customers will have fun playing a lot of games, such as The Climb, Wars Battlefront, Mission X-Wing VR, as well as watch VR films. By the end of this year will also be available the Assassin’s Creed movie from MK2 VR.

The company also reported about its staff members that will always be ready to help the customers to acquire either of three VR eyewears at their pods. In case of any tech problems the tech staff is also available.

The MK2 VR experience for 20 minutes costs $13 or €12, and for 40 minutes the visitors can launch the headsets for $25 or €20. Customers choosing one of proposed headsets, can play a great number of games within their time.