AccuWeather Launched A Gear VR App

AccuWeather Launched a Gear VR App

AccuWeather Launched a Gear VR App

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Oculus added a new application on its store for Gear VR users named “Weather for life”. The app, allows people to check the weather in a completely new way when wearing a Gear VR helmet. User receives weather reports in real-time. Those who wear a helmet can check current climate.

Accuweather VR app will provide various 360 videos so that people may check different weather phenomena. These videos have educational purposes as they provide various weather performance which is interesting to observe. Accuweather users may watch 2016 Wray, Colorado which was shot by AccuWeather team in VR.

AccuWeather displays the climate in hourly basis counting the direction of wind and other perspectives taking into account user’s location. President of Digital Media at AccuWeather Steven Smith reported that they are excited to corporate with Oculus to deliver weather to Gear VR helmet. The application gives a very precise information on actual climate, it is engaging and what comes to the usage it is very simple.

People may experience weather in innovative ways, they may reach not only their current location but check the climate all over the world in a real time. In order to be in the center of weather, they should get the Accuweather application from Oculus official website on the latest version of Samsung mobile phones. Insert smartphone on Gear VR and start checking weather in an immersive way.

Those who are obsessed checking weather in a new way they may get it from Oculus Store. More than 1.5 billion users over the world trust the forecast provided by Accuweather. The weather along with appealing videos provided by Accuweather are accessible on various phones, TVs, radios becoming one of the leading digital climate provider.