AR Conference: Exclusive Interview With Kristina Filotova

AR conference: exclusive interview with Kristina Filotova

AR conference: exclusive interview with Kristina Filotova

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Huge AR conference that is held in Moscow brought a lot of surprises. It was the third international conference on Augmented and Virtual Reality. Our reporters managed to speak to Kristina Filatova the executive director of

Kristina spoke during the AR conference about VR perspectives and shared her thoughts with VRstatus saying: “Last year VR was all about entertainment, and everyone was thinking about creating games and apps in VR. Now people understand how VR can go beyond standard games and apps and obviously help for business development as well. A lot of companies see the use of VR and AR technologies in education and we can surely see the results too.”


As an answer to our reporter’s question where do Filotova thinks VR stands now in Russia Kristina has explained: “The analytical researches of this year, that was held in Filotova’s company claim that Russian companies had shown dynamic progress in this field. Last year there were only 60 major companies in VR/AR field, but only 10 of them were using VR in their daily work routine. Now there are over 400 companies and 150 of them are using VR technologies in the enviroment on a daily basis.”

Speaking about her success in virtual reality Kristina mentioned that their company called Tvori has a VR App available in Stream store now. They also have an app which interested big companies such as Sberbank, the app can be used in educational purposes it may help new workers to shorten their working time.