AR Conference In Moscow

AR conference in Moscow

AR conference in Moscow

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The last day of November started with a great AR conference in Moscow. VRstatus team is already in Moscow to notify you about everything that happens here. The conference dedicated to AR and VR has been organized to bring together leaders of Russian VR market and experts of innovations. During the event will be discussed new solutions, ideas, technologies,and questions that everyone has been thinking about.


The conference is held in Novotel resort at Moscow City and it started at 10 AM. The speakers will report about AR/VR promotion in Russia, the condition of AR and VR market in Russia and will discuss the perspective of VR development.

Than it’s time for developers will introduce their new projects, Andrey Artishev will demonstrate Livemap, Denis Ujanin is going to show VIZART TV and Ilya Viger VRconcept.

After coffee break is time for discussing marketing of VR and AR items and technologies. In this section will be included VR design, trends, problems and its perspectives. Leonard Bugayev will give 5 recommendations for selling AR projects to top-clients.


The last section will include practical cases considering different projects and experiences. Mattheu Labeau will speak about the future of immersive technologies in movies making the accent on Prezentz and Imax.

Russia keeps up with China and US in VR giving the opportunity to VR and helding VR conferences.