BBC Released Its VR Application Called BBC Taster VR

BBC Released Its VR Application Called BBC Taster VR

BBC Released Its VR Application Called BBC Taster VR

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On 5th of July BBC reported about its brand-new VR application named Taster VR which is ready to get from App Store and Play Market. This app covers BBC Three as well as Planet Earth II, British nature film produced by BBC.

Taster VR app has been created utilizing EEVO technology due to which users can share their videos in VR format. Also, the application gives people the opportunity to see analytics demonstrating the areas where people are watching while they are in an app. Due to this option, the programmers and the editorial staff of BBC will be able to improve the methods of telling stories for VR content.

The primary VR practice that will be shown through Taster VR is called One Deadly Weekend in America an engaging story about the criminal violation in the US streets. The short video for this documentary is already accessible in BBC VR app. BBC also has reported on its official website that they will update and deliver fresh VR stories in near future.

According to Andy Conroy who is the Controller at BBC Research Department said that this app delivers the most immersive mobile based VR experience and supplies an excellent perspicacity for programming department as well as editorial staff. Damian Kavanagh who is a Controller at BBC Three will take a new position as an editorial head for BBC Taster.

Damian Kavanagh reported that in this new position he will discover new methods for telling stories throughout cutting-edge technologies. He added that he is delighted about the trailer which gives users a chance to feel as sufferers of crime by means of VR technologies.

People can check out the initial VR experience of BBC utilizing Google Cardboard helmet.