Become VR Developer With New Udacity Program

Become VR Developer with new Udacity ProgramSource: JD Lasica

Become VR Developer with new Udacity Program

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VR industry continues to develop and integrate new people in producing VR content. On 28th of September 2016, it has been announced of launching new VR program. Several giant companies: Google, Unity, Upload and HTC Vive have joined Udacity to create an educational program which is called VR Developer Nanodegree program.

Due to this course students will have the chance to learn how to create VR content for this industry. This program will let students work with Unity engines, 3D models which will allow them to become VR developers.

According to the interview of Christian Plagemann for Tech Firstpost on 27 of September, who is a co-founder of Google’s VR team, also has helped to create the VR Developer Nanodegree course, tell that now the demand of VR developers are growing in the market. Which means that passing this course will give students chance to work on various companies in VR industry.

This program creates the possibility to join the creative team, make the realization of new innovative ideas, create interesting applications. Students can master Smartphone and Desktop VR, Game engines, VR design and UI platforms, integrating Vive and Daydream, Cardboard and Rift.

This new course fee is $199 for each month. Those who want to take the course can visit Udacity official website and click “Notify Me” button to learn when the course can be taken.

Sebastian Thrun established Udacity in 2012, which has more than 1.6 million active users. Those who interested in getting Udacity education can learn about their courses in Udacity website.


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