Best AR Apps

Best AR Apps

Best AR Apps

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Are you excited about the AR and its apps available on the internet? Let us explore the most exciting AR apps. AR are not only for the entertainment now they become useful by having an educational role. AR is a powerful tool for learning new things in a very easy way. AR is a powerful tool, which can change many aspects of our life. It is accepted, that AR is mostly using on various spheres. Many famous companies have been using AR for profit and for having useful results. In beauty field like L’oreal Paris, car producing Volkswagen, medical, educational and gaming area.

Curiscope’s Virtuali Tee


Now learning anatomy become a fun and easy process with the Virtuali-Tee application. With no ordinary T-shirt, you can explore the anatomy, dive into the organism, examine the construction of the body of everyone: on your own, on your friends and family members. Virtuali Tee gives all the chances to make learning exciting. Switch your phone to any VR headset and get an immersive experience as well.This AR app benefit is that Virtuali Tee can use people in different ages. The AR app is completely free; you pay only for the T-Shirt.

Augment 3D Augmented Reality


Augment app is for the people who has goods and want to demonstrate them with its whole efficiency. This app can serve as an excellent marketing tool to represent your products. Augment gives the chance to showcase the 3D design projects to the customer. 3D Augmented Reality is entirely free; you can download it and see its experience on various devices. So bring to live the products with the Augment, let your clients experience themselves everywhere.


As you might guess from the name, the browser allows users to look at reality through the different “layers” that appear on your mobile device. The layers can provide information about nearby restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and even passers-by FB and Twitter users. Layar also allows you to expand the possibilities of printed materials. For example, it can be used immediately to buy a product you like in the advertising catalog, listen to a new song, which you have just read in the printed issue of a music magazine. In principle, Layar tags can be placed anywhere: on the cafe menu, and on the shop door.

Ink Haunter


Have you ever dreamed of having a tattoo and does not know which part of your body to have or what kind of tattoo to choose. Ink Haunter is an AR app specially created for tattoo lovers and for those who are just interested in tattoo art. The usage is very simple, and you get enjoy while using this augmented reality app. The Ink Haunter AR app is entirely free, just need to download it, then choose the part of your body where you want to get a tattoo drop some ink and hold on the tattoo. Take a picture of it, share on Instagram your brand new tattoo and get comments from your friends.



Entirely powerful tool for business owners to showcase their products, excellent means of promoting the projects. As to the user’s angle, Wikitude is the helpful app, which will help you to find everything in every time, restaurants, cafes gym. Just need to type what you are searching for and let the Wikitude scan for you the places.

Star Walk 2


Another great educational augmented reality app, which suggests a simple way to study astronomy. Learning astronomy is not boring anymore due to Star Walk 2. This augmented reality application can use both young and old. Star Walk 2 provides the users with the perfect interface.



Masquerade is one of the best and successful AR apps to spend your time with it. Turn your face into different interesting characters for having an exciting time. It suggests different celebrity faces, animal characters, even you can exchange with your friend’s faces. Take a video or images, share it on social media. Let’s wait for how Facebook will enhance this startup.

Markerless Tracking App

Arloopa company, which has been making AR applications for Android and iOS represents its Markerless tracking app. With Arloopa AR app, you can scan ceiling, wall and floor to see how the furniture fits in some places. This Markerless augmented reality app is perfect for different business companies to represent their product to the customer.

Augmented Reality helps us learn more about the world around us. Whether you need help to find your way around or are looking for details about a statue one of these AR apps can help you out. The most amazing thing about AR is that it helps perceive the life in a different way.


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