Bill Gates Applauds The Indian Government In His VR Video

Bill Gates Applauds the Indian Government in his VR Video

Bill Gates Applauds the Indian Government in his VR Video

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Bill Gates, the Microsoft’s co-founder and the richest businessmen in the world, has displayed a VR video, dubbed as “Talking Toilets”. In the virtual video Gates applauds the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life-changing mission, “Swachh Bharat”. The indian mission, which in English translates as “Clean India”, has been created to clean the Indian streets and foundations of the country.

In his latest blog, which Gates has named “India is winning its war on human waste”, he has written that the Prime Minister’s mission has changed the lives of Indians. He has also noticed that Modi is among the rare politicians, who has focused on the defecation problem in India and has noticed the value of solving it.

In his VR video the businessman speaks about the India’s project, highlighting its results. Ha says that 3 years ago, when Swachh Bharat” began, only the 42% of Indians was able to maintain an appropriate sanitation. According to this year’s results, the 63% of Indians is able to do it. He also adds that the Government of India plans to complete the mission on 2 of October 2019.

Concluding his blog, Gates mentions that the Modi’s project may become an excellent example, as well as stimul for other governments, as all people have a right to have healthy life.