Blade Runner 2049 Will Be Available In Oculus VR In 2017

Blade Runner 2049 Will Be Available in Oculus VR in 2017

Blade Runner 2049 Will Be Available in Oculus VR in 2017

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On 6th of October 2016, Blade Runner’s Twitter account has published that people will have a great chance to watch Blade Runners second film on October 7th in 2017. But this is not just the film to watch, Blade Runner 2049 (this is the name of the movie) will launch in virtual reality mode.

Blade Runner 2049 can be available to watch next year on both headsets Rift and Gear VR. Oculus announced that they would give additional information about the details of the movie.

For its first release in 1982 Blade Runner didn’t succeed, but later on, the film gained many fans and love by the audience as well as by critics. Ridley Scott who was the previous film producer won’t take part in the process of the shooting. Blade Runner 2049 director will be Denis Villeneuve who is the producer of the “Sicario”, which received many awards. Another good news is that writer and producer Hampton Fancher is joining the team to write the scenario of the sequel of Blade Runners.

In the cast of Blade Runner 2049 will be Harrison Ford, who will be a special detective eliminating strange characters with human appearance. There is no more public information regarding the cast.

Let’s see what it will look like to watch science fiction movie Blade Runners 2049 using the most modern virtual reality helmets. The Blade Runner will be available to watch utilising Oculus VR helmets only. Colum Slevin who is the Head of Experiences in Oculus cited that they are excited to bring Blade Runner into virtual reality to give public new enhanced VR experience when watching the film.