Buzz Aldrin Plans Take Humans To Mars

Buzz Aldrin Plans Take Humans To MarsDennis Knake

Buzz Aldrin Plans Take Humans To Mars

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Buzz Aldrin cooperates with 8i, which provides tools to build mixed reality environment for people, to build a video that lasts 10 minutes where users may see the future plans of Aldrin. Since 1985 Buzz Aldrin proposes settle on Mars.

He says that visiting Mars was a great achievement, but this is not the finish line. He wants people to travel to Mars. Buzz was the next person after Neil Armstrong to walk on the moon. Aldrin does a lot of activity to make his plan happen, he visited White House on Friday to have a talk with VP about a new Space Policy for NASA.

In his “Cycling Pathways to Mars” project Aldrin illustrates his ideas how people may fly to Mars. While watching the experience in VR he stands next to observer and user may get the closer look at suggested spacecraft. After premiering “Cycling Pathways to Mars” at SXSW event it will be displayed by Time, which is a popular media company in the USA and the film can be watched utilizing HTC or Oculus Rift.

Elon Musk has the same idea that is to transfer 100 people to Mars during each flight and establish a colony in the forthcoming 50 to 100 years and the same mission has Amazon founder Jeff Bezo the only difference and advantage is that Aldrin has been on Mars.

The Mars project will cost much money and efforts to find investors and partners from other countries. If all flows to plan Buzz Aldrin’s mission will release on 20th of July, 2019 and first team will be sent to Mars in 2021. Aldrin said that he does not eager to be known only for walking on the moon.