DETC And McLaren Have Teamed Up For Virtual Reality Show

DETC and McLaren have teamed up for Virtual Reality Show

DETC and McLaren have teamed up for Virtual Reality Show

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On 20th of April the British automaker firm McLaren and Digital Engineering and Test Centre will take part together in the Virtual Reality Show. The companies have joined to represent VR based automobile experiences during the VR Show. Using VR tech the renowned brands will show how VR can impact to the automobile industry.

McLaren, which is a well known manufacturer of luxury and sports cars, will depict the future of automobile industry. McLaren, with its partner DETC will use VR to showcase how the company will be presented in the near future.

McLarens cars photo

During the show the British automaker will also feature two automobile models, one sports car and a road one. It will also showcase demos of nes VR apps, including a massive VR configurator.

At the same time the DETC, which is a particular industry-academic company in London, will speak about its industry, how it drives innovations, digital techs and how they work with VR as well. The firm will also speak about the process of manufactury and design. The DETC widely cultivates and uses virtual technology and VR tools in its industry, in order to promote the rapid development and production of automobile propulsion structures.

The Virtual Reality Show will take place in Business Design Centre, Islington, London. It will take three days, from April 20 to 22.