Experience “Virtual Museum” Using Microsoft’s HoloLens

Experience “Virtual Museum” Using Microsoft’s HoloLens at New York

Experience “Virtual Museum” Using Microsoft’s HoloLens at New York

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Artsy, which is a platform that gathers and demonstrates artworks from all over the world in an online platform, is involved in mixed reality industry. Artsy is joining with Studio Drift, which is a Netherlands-based studio that investigates nature, technology and art, to build illustration utilizing Microsoft Hololens holographic glasses.

Elena Soboleva, who works at Artsy as projects curator, reported during her speech that though this is the early steps but it is a great way to demonstrate art from various angles of the world. She expressed her excitement about the possibilities that people will have, that is using Hololens they will explore artworks in their comfortable homes.

“Concrete Storm” is a project that combines virtual and mixed realities together creating a “virtual museum”. While trying an experience user walks through various structures that can be altered relying on user’s environment.

Lorraine Bardeen, who is manager at Microsoft said that Microsoft Hololens owners get the opportunity to observe art in a completely fresh way. Cortana is established in Hololens and users may shoot images in mixed reality. Daniel Doubrovkine, who works CTO at Artsy, said that VR can not stop people visiting museums though this is a good chance that everyone who has an internet connection can observe art. Those who want to see the art may visit Piers 92 94 in Manhattan from March 2nd to 5th.

The other outstanding event is taking place at Carlton. A new art gallery named Wallow is opening in the city center. All works of Lynn Powers, who died in 2016, will be demonstrated in the museum. People may watch the places where the artist created his works in VR. During the exhibition more than 25 watercolors of Lynn Powers will be showcased during March 2017.

Ben Powers said that people usually watch the completed work of an artist and they do not get a chance to see where and how the work is created.

The Wallow Gallery is holding its grand opening this Saturday. Admission is always free.

The art gallery was established by Ben Powers son of famous painter Lynn Powers and the whole income will be distributed to learning and expansion of arts. The admission of Wallow Gallery is on 4th of March.