Exynos VR - Samsung’s First VR Headset Prototype

Exynos VR – Samsung’s First VR Headset Prototype

Exynos VR – Samsung’s First VR Headset Prototype

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On 3rd of July, Visual Camp announced in a press release about the development of its eye-tracking system. Visual Camp reported that Samsung intends to utilize this eye-tracking method optimized for smartphones for its forthcoming Exynos VR helmet.

Visual Camp’s eye-tracking system delivers “foveated rendering”, which enables people to watch on an object with a sharpened view. So they can see the scene 100% clearly while the other parts are reducing. This option is important for both AR and VR industries in order to prevent from unnecessary heat.

Visual Camp reported that it is planned to include more options into Exynos VR such as facial and sound recognition, as well as hand tracking features. Samsung highlighted about the Exynos 3 during MWCS 2017, where Visual Camp was showing its eye-tracking system.

The founder of Visual Camp Suk Yunchan said that due to the partnership with Samsung their technology has gained worldwide popularity at MWCS Shanghai 2017 which secures a strong position for them to enter a global market. Now they will continue to develop and expand their cutting edge technologies throughout the world.

Born2Global CEO JongKap Kim said that the recent redemption of such giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple showed that they are interested in utilizing eye-tracking technologies in VR. Additionally, In June 2017 Apple bought SMI a company delivering eye-tracking solutions.