Facebook’s ‘360 Capture SDK’ Lets Shoot/Share VR Experiences

Facebook’s ‘360 Capture SDK’ Lets Shoot and Share VR ExperiencesImage Credit: Facebook

Facebook’s ‘360 Capture SDK’ Lets Shoot and Share VR Experiences

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Facebook announced its “360 Capture SDK” for Rift during F8 event on 19th of April, 2017. The toolkit allows users to shoot videos/images in VR which they can share with other people. It allows capturing a videos/ images during a gameplay utilizing Rift VR helmet or when recording a 360-degree video.

The stitching program gives a chance to combine all captured photos in one image and then encode them. Game players can shoot their experience while playing a game in VR and share on social and send to a friend. The Facebook’s 360 SDK utilizes cube mapping method which is a custom way to build the 360-degree image. Cube mapping preserves the images in high quality.

The developers can take advantage of 360 Capture SDK as it supports such gaming engines like Unreal and Unity. By integration of SDK to their apps, games developers might give an opportunity users to take different photos in VR then stitch them together to receive a whole high-quality frame which was a real challenge previously.

Chetan Gupta, who is the 360 Media section product manager, reported that previously it was a challenging procedure to take 360-degree photos and stitch all images together in order to have a high-quality image for VR. Now the problem has been solved due to 360 SDK.

Due to Facebook’s toolkit it becomes possible to discover VR environment in a new way by means of SDK and people may share their selfies, different videos (it can be games, sports events, marketing videos in 360 format.Those developers who are going to include 360 SDK developed by Facebook can download it from GitHub.