Facebook’s F8 Event Will Come With New Updates

Facebook’s F8 Event  Will Come With New UpdatesImage Credit: Facebook

Facebook’s F8 Event Will Come With New Updates

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Facebook’s F8 annual event will kick off on April 18 in California. The event which is being held by Facebook will highlight a huge variety of topics regarding VR/AR technologies, business other updates. The F8 conference is open for everyone. Those who can not visit the conference will be able to tune in live by checking the latest changes from the technology giant.

Facebook delivered some data to TechCrunch, a leading technology media, about the expected visitors of the F8 event. 28.7% distinguished as female and 19.3% distinguished as underrepresented ethnicities represent a 5.6% improvement from last year.

Facebook did donations from the profit they gain from F8 event. The company contributed $250,000 for F8 in order to finance underrepresented people in the technology world.

Albrey Brown, who is the executive of Inclusion at Hack Reactor, said that the F8 contribution is intended to give for the teaching of 14 underrepresented engineers. The 2016 F8 profits have been granted to 20 individuals in color to study coding at Dev Bootcamp.

What comes to the staff of Facebook, an underrepresented racial employee is around 10% at US-based office of Facebook and meanwhile underrepresented minority consists of 19.3% that visit F8. 33% of Facebook workers are women and meanwhile 28.7% visitors of F8 make up female.

The F8 event will last 2 days where all people can learn about the latest innovations in technology. Keep up with VRstatus to be updated on the latest news of F8 conference.