FuseFX Has Launched A Spinoff VR Venture

FuseFX has launched a spinoff VR venture

FuseFX has launched a spinoff VR venture

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The FuseFX the company which creates services of visual effects for advertisement, TV and film, has unveiled a new VR project, FuseVR. The FuseFX has provided VFX for shows such as Luke Cage and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now with its new program the studio will also offer optical effects for VR programs, counting 3D sets and digital environments. The heads of the project are Bud Myrick and John Heller.

The first goal of FuseVR is to offer its VFX to Buzz Aldrin’s VR production “Cycling Pathways to Mars”, which has been performed in public at SXSW. With its VR activity, Aldrin virtually sends people to the Red Planet.

When contracting for Buzz Aldrin’s production, FuseFX has cooperated with 8i VR firm. The Martian area has been originated in Morocco through photogrammetry data, where is being organized Martian area simulations by NASA.

The team of FuseVR has designed virtual environments, which include a 360 degree vision of the Galaxy Milky Way and Aldrin’s spacecraft. As Myrick has mentioned in a statement, the effects that they have been created with VR include a unique atmosphere which can be appropriately felt only in VR.

In addition David Altenau, the company’s President, has mentioned that they hope VR will become the dominant section of their activity and they will also become a part of VR. He has also spoken about the huge need of digital atmosphere in virtual world, noticing that no one does it better than they do.