Google Earth New Updates Is On The Way

Google Earth New Updates is On the WayImage Credit: Google

Google Earth New Updates is On the Way

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Google will soon come with new updates for its Google Earth application on April 18. It is planned to be released at New York’s Whitney Museum of Art reported VentureBeat, a leading source that provides technology news.

There is no certain information reported about the updates of Google Earth VR which still stays one of the best experience for Vive platform. There might be changes on traditional version of Google Earth and also Google will come with new VR related features.

Through Google Earth app users move from one place to another by means of flying. The flying method prevents people from feeling sickness during the experience. Google Earth has its VR team which is leading by Clay Bavor and the team is working closely with Geo team as well. They are going to add new options and increase VR experience.

Google Earth is the first and only platform of its kind that allows exploring the world in VR. There are many games, apps videos out there but Google’s app is the best that allows people visit various places. The application is free to download and can be experienced utilizing HTC Vive VR helmet. Mike Podwal, who works at Google as Product Lead, Google VR Apps, answered the question if they are going to support more VR headset he replied that they are looking the ways but there is nothing to report.

There are many countries and cities to visit with Google Earth and the list will be expanded. The application tries to make users feel free and remember all the trips they have taken through the powerful platform.