GoPro Announced Its 360 VR Camera Called Fusion

GoPro Announced Its 360 VR Camera Called FusionImage Credit: GoPro

GoPro Announced Its 360 VR Camera Called Fusion

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GoPro, a business that produces its own action cameras along with editing program, published its wearable 360-degree VR camera. After the release of Facebook’s new VR camera during F8 2017 conference, GoPro announced Fusions that capture 360-degree videos at 5.2K resolution.

Fusion captures not only VR videos it also allows to take custom videos and images. If a user selects OverCapture option then it allows shooting high-quality HD images and record non-VR videos. Fusion allows traditional video creators to capture custom videos and get VR shots when they desire.

Nicholas Woodman, the CEO of GoPro, reported in his speech that Fusion provides a chance to shoot each angle of an environment in the way as if there are six cameras of GoPro which are merged to one. Those developers who eager to use Fusion need to register in order to take part in GoPro’s pilot program. After signing up they will reach registered members if chosen to provide more data.

There are no details about the Fusion price and the camera is going to be for commercial use only. What comes for the pilot program it is supposed to be in summer of 2017. GoPro does not supply more information regarding the options and other capabilities of Fusion. The camera manufacturer plans to cooperate with other businesses to enhance user experience along with record inspiring video where will be shown the whole capabilities of Fusion VR camera.

GoPro reported that all the features of the camera along with the price will be provided with the launch which is planned to be at the end of 2017.