HTC Has Launched New Game

HTC has launched new game

HTC has launched new game

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HTC is enhancing its new game “Arcade Saga”. The VR game has been created by international studio 2 Bears is an assemblage of 3 games, and it has over 84 levels.The mini games are called “Fracture,” “Smash” and “Bowshot”.

Everything happens around the user and he needs to escape from various characters trying to break free. Only by breaking this natures the user can pass to the next level. The game is based on logical solutions and speed.

The price of this experience is US$29.99 on HTC VivePort store and Steam.
David Sapienza who is among creators of this game has mentioned that Arcade Saga allows to move around the room and interact actively when playing.


Joel Breton, who’s the head of HTC Vive Studios will speak today about their company during VRX event in San Francisco. He believes that Arcade Saga is the beginning of this type of VR entertainments, and probably a lot of companies will soon create such a VR experience in the upcoming year.

Talking about internal studio Joel made clear that they have more than 50 staff members and the number will soon increase.