HTC Releases New Headset

HTC releases new headset

HTC releases new headset

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Rikard Steiber who is Senior Vice President (SVP) in Virtual Reality at HTC has announced today, that HTC Vive is planning to deliver new headsets for its fans. These headsets will be with form updates.

HTC is going to create new experiences trying to involve Arcade in VR. Stieber clarifies that they are doing a lot of experiences to make the upcoming HTC Vive headsets great for VR arcade strategy in China and Taiwan. For this strategy, HTC will need weapons, steering wheels etc. for their new Arcade games.

HTC Vive was on sale only a few months, but the company is going to evolve.They also promise improved design and creative features for their new headsets. Stieber didn’t go into details, but he repeated that the headset was going to evolve.

The arcade was popular in the 90s and HTC’s desire is to bring back Arcade in the US. But this time it will be in Virtual Reality. The first Arcade game that they have created in Taiwan was called Viveland.

The release of the HTC Vive was in April of 2016. The HTC headset costs $799 and is one of the most popular headsets all over the world and it has a positive reaction by developers.

There was an announcement by the executive of HTC that they had sold over 140 K headsets.