HTC Viveport M Launches Today

HTC Viveport M launches today

HTC Viveport M launches today

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HTC has officially launched Viveport M today. Viveport M is going to give phone users a lot of VR Apps and 360 videos in a platform . In partnership to China’s YoukuVR HTC has got now a lot of interesting content,including videos and apps,on their platform waiting for mobile users.

Viveport M is cooperating with Alibaba too. Alibaba has created VR shop and this shop will be demonstrated on Viveport M platform. The App is called Taobao Buy+ and users can download it from platform through Taobao App now. The application will give an opportunity to check the size, colors and quality. Now the customers will be more sure before buying clothing, and other things.

This week has been very heavy for HTC, as soon as the company is bringing arcades to US, China and Europe. Viveport M will also give the opportunity to see HTC Vive products that have just been launched and preorder them.

Regional President of HTC Vive in China reported that Viveport was the leading VR content in whole China, and that it was pleasure that so many top-level partners were ready to partner with Viveport M.