Jaunt VR Expands Team By Hiring Hulu JP Colaco As CRO

Jaunt VR Expands Team by Hiring Hulu JP Colaco as CROCredit: Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR Expands Team by Hiring Hulu JP Colaco as CRO

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Jaunt VR, which is a business that produces VR experiences for various VR helmets, announced on their Twitter account that they are welcoming Jean-Paul Colaco as CRO at Jaunt VR.

JP Colaco reported to Variety, which is a website that covers materials in various fields, that he is glad to work with Jaunt president George Kliavkoff and also with the CTO Arthur van Hoff.


Colaco previously worked at Hulu, which is an online platform providing Movies and TV programs, where he increased income from zero to $500m only from ad revenue. Being experienced in the sphere Colaco considers that customers will adopt cutting-edge technology and the best way to make a profit is based on the advertisement.

Colaco do believe that there will be opportunities to evolve and spread paid VR content. He added that VR goes in the right way and soon the sales for VR helmets will noticeably be increased.

Jaunt VR formed in Palo Alto in 2013 which produces innovative stories for virtual reality. They have released app Jaunt VR, it allows PSVR, Vive, Rift and other helmets owners watch immersive 360-degree videos.

Jaunt VR is working on Lawnmower Man series to bring in virtual reality which was announced during Sundance festival back in January 2017.