Maine Educators Represent VR Education Technology

Maine Educators represent VR education technology

Maine Educators represent VR education technology

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The Educators of Maine Organization have organized VR demonstration program at Augusta’s State Library on 19th of June 2017. The Maine is a forgivable loan scheme, which has been organized for the students, aiming to deepen their careers in education and become one of the Educators of Maine.

During this VR Expo, a huge number of schools with their educators were gathered together in order to speak about all the possible ways of using VR in their pedagogic systems. In this program have been involved all the schools across Maine state.

During the virtual expo, the University of Immersive Mathematics has introduced its new VR program, called “Hand Waver”. This VR tool has been developed by the students of the University. Through VR the “Hand Waver” creates teaching experiences in the fields of science and mathematics.

Meantime, the New England’s University has shown off its geriatrics-related experience, dubbed as “We Are Alfred”. The program makes students become 74 years old Alfred virtually, who is deaf and has macular degeneration. Through this program, students are enabled to experience the sufferings that a person feels with such poor health problems.

The Maine expo’s educators have mentioned that the usage of VR tool in education programs not only supplies educators and students unique and unprecedented experiences, but also provides countless opportunities for the future.