Make 3D Objects With Shapelab

Make 3D objects with Shapelab

Make 3D objects with Shapelab

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Now anyone can create amazing 3D VR characters with HTC Vive. LeoPoly which is a 3D software company has launched 3D VR experiences for individuals and for businesses. By launching already known browser placed digital design tools in VR LeoPoly gives the opportunity to create models in 3D and share in virtual space.

LeoPoly CEO Ronald Manyani has announced that VR allows everyone to feel, view and experience places, as if there are real. Ronald claims that there isn’t any additional cost and only creativity sets limits.That’s why LeoPoly chose the way of VR though partnering a lot of popular 3D companies.

The company has launched a new application yesterday during VRX 2016 in San Francisco. Shapelab is an app where the user can create various characters in 3D and give them colors. The App supports HTC headset and it will be accessible in the end of this year and make holidays more remarkable.
Besides Shapelab LeoPoly also makes VR solutions in VR for retail companies such as the industries of toys, gifts and interior design. With Shapelab anyone can become an artist as soon as they put on headsets and take the controllers. The 3D models that they will create will be developed for 3D printing.