Make Connections With New Multi User VR Headset

Make connections with new multi user VR headset

Make connections with new multi user VR headset

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Tinder offers new VR headset to connect two people at the same time but this time in reality. A lot of new technologies were demonstrated in CES and VR was everywhere during this event.

One of the new VR ideas was new headset called Tinder VR. The headset was created by Tinder incorporated and the company mentioned in their blog that their mission has always been connecting people together.

Tinder headset is multi-user and it provides real experience with real people. The company is famous for its Tinder Social where people can meet different people, chat to them if they both like each other and have chats in groups.

The idea of headset is just two people looking into each other from a pair of goggles and it works with double-opt in. The company believes in the connection between two people in real world that’s why they have created this VR headset. The headset can be used in dating purpose by claims of the company.

The headset was only available in the booth of Tinder during CES. To connect with someone in socials one can always use Tinder App which is available on AppStore and Play Market.