MASK Allows To Predict Facial Expression In VR

MASK Allows to Predict Facial Expression In VRSource: MindMaze

MASK Allows to Predict Facial Expression In VR

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Mind Mazes which is a company that does an investigation of crossing neuroscience and VR. The company has produced a technology called MASK. This is technology which tries to guess the facial expression of a user due to a usage of a biosignal procedure then it copies the facial expression on an avatar.

MASK is a foam that can be suited to all kinds of VR helmets available in the market. People can insert the MASK on helmets that are prepared to use with mobiles and desktop as well. The startup claims that this is the first type of technology that renders people’s facial emotions utilizing the bio-signaling system.

The system allows displaying the emotion of human face even during a gameplay. MindMaze has produced its own VR helmet which comes with an affordable price. Tej Tadi who is the CEO of Mind Mazes explained that except providing an engaging gaming experience or evolving marketing chance their technology may suggest many other advantages for medical industry.

For example, MASK may help kids to defeat autism and Tadi added that they previously had some experience to heal some people. Kids have the chance to connect from their house or clinic and do the same facial expression their parents do. This technology may help people who are suffering from aphasia and such kind of illnesses.

At this moment MASK may identify approximately ten facial expressions, but the company continues to add many others. Mind Mazes has been established back in 2012 and received approximately $100 million back in 2016.