Mattheu Labeau: Exclusive Interview From AR Conference

Mattheu Labeau: Exclusive interview from AR conference

Mattheu Labeau: Exclusive interview from AR conference

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Team VRstatus is in Moscow now, at AR conference and we managed to speak to one of the speakers of the conference, who had one of the most vivid talks of the evening. Mattheu Labeau, is business development manager at Nozon. Today’s speech was dedicated to VR cinemas – something Nozon is very vocal about, promising progressive look and future in the field of VR cinematography. The subject of Mattheu’s discussion is called “The future of immersive movies: PresenZ technology and IMAX VRzon”.


Labeau shared his view during the interview with VRstatus about the future of AR/VR and his vision at Nozon: “ My intention of coming here is to see how active the VR community in Moscow is and in Russia in general. I’m very impressed to see how AR/VR community in Russia is making progress, how productive it collaborates with companies and the field.”

To our reporter’s question “What is the his main purpose during this conference” Mattheu answered “We are interested in finding content creators here, that will have the same visionary as Nozon”. He also spoke about present technologies in VR, about the collaboration with Starbreeze and future of location based polymeric movies. This is something Nozon is creating and has the vision of it in the future. The company is eager to have proper ground for location based AR/VR experience, whether these are games, apps or videos. Besides that it will help to create, standard software for creating movies.