NASA Langley Uses VR/AR Devices For Its Researches

NASA Langley Uses VR/AR Devices for its ResearchesSource: NASA Johnson

NASA Langley Uses VR/AR Devices for its Researches

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As the VR technology is expanding and is becoming available for people, NASALangley takes advantage of VR. On 11th of October NASA reported on its official website about the usage of VR/AR technologies for working on the space.

Using VR technology NASA aims to make their employees work more productive and dynamic. Using the power of virtual reality, two NASA engineers can work together from different parts of the space on the same platform and communicate with each other.


Josh Kinne told that through VR/AR devices the communication and partnership among NASA’s researchers, engineers from various centers will be easier. He claimed that during next 10 years they would be able to interact with the space and objects within there.

According to NASA Langley Research Center utilizing virtual and augmented realities can be difficult for the researchers so they need developers who could create an application for Nasa. This application will be used by NASA workers to do their researches effectively.

NASA is already using Vive andOculus Rift VR headsets and even Hololens AR glass. In addition to this, International Space Station used Hololens AR headset for the Sidekick project on 20th of February in 2016. NASA was formed in 1958 in the USA and mainly focuses on exploring and discovering the Space.


NASA Education projects aim to use virtual reality in education sphere too; involving virtual reality in teaching the students. NASA’s education purposes to provide virtual environment for their students to teach them about space.


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