Nokia's OZO Will Be Used For Disney Projects

Nokia’s OZO will be used for Disney Projects

Nokia’s OZO will be used for Disney Projects

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Nokia is pleased to announce about its multiyear VR tech deal with The Walt-Disney Studios. The purpose of the contract between the firms is to promote the development of Virtual activities in order to make perfect acting relate performances of Disney. The first film being supported with VR project is Star Wars: The Last Jedi, produced by filmmaker Lucasfilms.

Nokia OZO photo

According to the VR deal Nokia will offer its VR camera OZO, including its software product-solutions to Disney. Giving its VR tools to the Disney Studios film-makers, the two firms aim to develop the most deeply engaging and life-changing VR content.

The Nokia’s intermediary president Brad Rodrigues has mentioned in an announcement that they are excited to cooperate with such companies like Disney and Lucasfilm, bringing VR to the most inspiring movie experiences. He has added that OZO will give a chance to all Star Wars enthusiasts to be moved into the other worlds.

In addition Brian Miller, the LucasFilm’s Vice-President has noticed that people love to be given a chance to learn much more about the whole film creating process.

The purported date of The Last Jedi’s initial release is on 13th of December 2017. There are not more exact infos about the VR content and its applicability for the movie.