NVIDIA Suggests $30,000 For VR/AR Applications

NVIDIA Suggests $30,000 for VR/AR ApplicationsSource: NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH 2015

NVIDIA Suggests $30,000 for VR/AR Applications

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GTC 2017 is already open for all developers to take part and get their prize. During NVIDIA’s event, which will take place from 8 to 11 March in Silicon Valley, they intend to give $30,000 along with several prizes to those who will win VR Content Showcase competition.

NVIDIA is searching for applications which are currently utilizing NVIDIA GPU or is planning to unite with it. NVIDIA is searching for 10 businesses which will display their project during GTC and will have 5 minutes for showcase and additional 3 minutes to answer the questions.

Source: NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH 2015

The company reported on his official page that they accept applications only from the companies that acquire more than $5 million USD. NVIDIA accepts not only VR projects but AR as well and the project’s content may include but not narrowed only by gaming ideas.

GTC considered to be one of the important events in technology sphere that gather startups, developers, major companies from the industry. There have been more than 5500 participants along with 600 projects back in 2016. Attendees will get chance to get in touch with professionals from NVIDIA.

The last day for submitting the application is 15th of March 2017. NVIDIA gives participants area to speak and display the project during the event and take part in “Share Your Science” video stories.