Oculus Delivers VR To California State Libraries

Oculus Delivers VR to California State Libraries

Oculus Delivers VR to California State Libraries

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Oculus started a cooperation with the State Library of California on 7th of June 2017. Due to this brand new collaboration Oculus will deliver VR compatible PCs and 100 Oculus Rift VR helmets over 90 libraries in California.

Cindy Ball, who is the Education Program Manager at Facebook’s Oculus reported on their official press release that they are excited to see many people who will wear the helmet for the first time in their state libraries. Ball added that they want to enable VR for many people in order to see their excitement about VR. This will encourage many people to reveal their possibilities and join VR industry.

Now, this pilot program includes 184 local libraries and they plan to expand the number of libraries in the future. Delivering this evolving technology in libraries Oculus gives many families a chance to try out VR without buying the headset. Ball added that if their program will have the success they will try to find funding to expand the locations.

Oculus is making different investigations on how VR VR influences the processes in which people learn things. Cindy Ball said that they have already realized that VR can stimulate learning procedure by overcoming challenging educational tasks easier. By enabling free access to libraries and PCs they want VR to find its position in this sphere added Ball.