Oculus Is Celebrating The Launch Of Google Earth VR For Rift

Oculus is celebrating the launch of Google Earth VR for Rift

Oculus is celebrating the launch of Google Earth VR for Rift

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The Google Earth VR app has been updated with support of Oculus Rift, allowing users to select an address and fly virtually over it with their VR eyewears. The previous version of the activity with HTC Vive support enabled travellers to visit specific places, which were available in the app. But now people have a lucky chance to select any destination, type an address of a location, and begin their journey.

During the interview with Oculus, the co-founder of the VR project Dominik Kaeser has mentioned that they want to give people a chance to delve into the planet through Google Earth VR, and the Oculus support for the app was an expected step for them. He has also added that they aim to enable sightseers not only explore the planet, but also fly at matchless speed.

Google Earth VR photo

Travelers will be offered 27 specially selected locations, which are applicable on Google Earth VR. The places include South Africa’s Table Mountain, Neuschwanstein, Cinque Terre in Italy, Glaciar Perito Moreno in Argentina, etc.

The project’s manager product Joanna Kim has noticed in Google’s blog post that users want to speedly find and visit their desired places, no matter it is the home of their childhood or beloved vacation spot. And she has written that now it is possible with the Google app.

In addition the co-founder Kaeser has mentioned that they will cultivate their VR experience, updating it regularly, as they have much more to share with people.

The new project is applicable for free on the Steam and Oculus Store . It is available for all users who are supported with Oculus Rift and Touch controllers as well.