Pluto VR Raises $13.9M To Create VR Communication App

Pluto VR Raises $13.9M to Create VR Communication App Source: BagoGames

Pluto VR Raises $13.9M to Create VR Communication App

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Pluto VR, which is a company that connects people together by means of VR technologies, has increased funding to $13.9 million. Pluto will use the money for investigating and evolving and creating test version for the first time to integrate more clients and assist extra programs.

One of the establishers of American-based Maveron, which is an investment firm, is going to unite Pluto as a board director. Maveron is established by Howard Schultz along with Dan Levitan back in 1998 and it has already given financial support to three VR firms. They funded the following startups: Virtuix, VicariousVR and VR game called Rec Room.

Anarghya Vardhana who works as Senior Associate at Maveron explained during her speech the reasons why the company is so excited about VR/AR technologies. She said that VR/AR technologies are one of the great ways for people to get in touch with the globe and with their families and friends. Pluto is going to build an app which will allow people to get in touch with each other by using VR/AR helmets.

Pluto VR, which already exists for 3 years, purposes to built an application which will look like Messenger or Skype. This application will work completely with VR. Pluto VR aspires to help people to overcome the distance through VR/AR. John Vechey, one of the founders of Pluto VR, reported that today’s technologies connect people through videos, texts, recordings but this program will help to connect as in reality.

For now, Pluto VR supplies the option to build avatars, call each other and do other activities.