President Obama Takes Virtual Reality Experience At Yosemite

President Obama takes Virtual Reality Experience at YosemiteSource: IIP Photo Archive

President Obama takes Virtual Reality Experience at Yosemite

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National Parks Day , celebration of which was launched on August 26, 2016, gave people a great chance to experience 360-degree VR video with Barack Obama at Yosemite. The president celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the National Park with his family on weekends. People could have a very stunning experience watching how President explores every angle of the park.

Such companies as National Geographic, Oculus Rift as well as Felix Paul Studios are gathered for shooting the 360-degree video. Barack Obama visited Yosemite to spend the Father’s day, enjoy the park environment and communicate with the representatives of the park. Félix Lajeunesse, Co-founder of Felix Paul Studios, who also is integrated into shooting 360 VR videos, told that they are excited to give the audience a chance to take a trip with President Obama in the astounding Yosemite Park.

Yosemite_National_Park Source:WikiMedia

Meanwhile, the VR video of the Yosemite is an excellent way to feel and see the whole beauty of the park, to explore the unusual and magnificent parts of it. It is the first time that US president is involving in showcasing the virtual reality. You can watch the immersive video which lasts 11 minutes on Facebook, as well as on Oculus store. For catching the full view with the president look at the video via Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

National Geographic starts actively integrate into the virtual reality platform, one of the proof is that, in May 2016, they announced about creating VR studio. Nat Geo will give the users a chance to explore Wildlife in Amazon, Africa, Australia, explore the nature, watch the animals.

So if you are excited to take the chance and walk with President Obama exploring the whole beauty of National Park, this is an excellent opportunity to take in through VR.