Regular Infusions Become Virtual

Regular infusions become Virtual

Regular infusions become Virtual

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The Family Medicine Doctor Amy Dunn has cooperated with Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s game developers for a medical VR activity. With the new experience, the Doctor aims to make painless regular infusions for children with poor health. The Nationwide Hospital is the best pediatric hospital in the U.S., which tech experts with their new VR system will provide children with brand-new VR games.

During injections, kids will have a chance to play games only by head motions and glances, without using their hands. So this new system eases the treatment process both for children and for doctors, as kids are distracted and their hands and arms are available to the injectors.

As the tech expert of the Ohio-based Hospital Jeremy Patterson has mentioned in a statement, the VR procedure is really worth seeing, as before experiencing it, kids are upset, they are crying, but after wearing VR cardboards, they are smiling during the whole procedure.

The system runs via cardboards, which are pretty light and affordable. Moreover, they are wireless, as the games are available for smartphones. During the procedure, doctors follow the gaming process and they can take part in the game when it is needed.

The nurses of the Hospital hope that the use of this system will soon become regular in more clinics, and it will become available for kids who are cured at home.