Sony Is Working With HTC Vive Headset

Sony is working with HTC Vive headset

Sony is working with HTC Vive headset

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While taking participation in SXSW Texas Festival, Sony Music has disclosed a new VR amusement, dubbed as Gold Rush VR. When developing the experience, Sony has teamed up with HTC Vive, using the company’s eyewears, instead of its own viewer, PlaystationVR.

The Gold RushVR is runned with not one, two, but four Vive viewers, coupled with PC knapsacks. With the eyewears on, players can walk around the room, without disturbing each other.

Essentially, gamers in reality visit a temporary tram, which takes them to the virtual world. Within the vehicle, players are being transported to various areas in order to explore them. This part has been exhibited as a piece of Wow Factory of Sony, the company’s innovation laboratory.

The Vive supported amusement is not the only surprise from Sony. During the event company has also featured VR tool for entertainment for mobile devices. The amusement, named Parallel Eyes, gives freedom to the players to see outlooks of each other and using it as an advantage, play in real life.

In addition, PSVR has also been exhibited at the event with Rez Infinite game, and the popular synesthesia suit as well.