The Future Of VR By Brendan Iribe

The Future of VR by Brendan Iribe

The Future of VR by Brendan Iribe

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In the near future, a lot of companies will design tools for front-facing cameras and 360 videos, like in case of Sony. Oculus’s CEO Brendan clarifies that there’s a huge need of VR games for PlayStations. So many developers would like to target different VR devices till it’s new.

Brendan has pointed out that all-in-one headsets can’t replace PC or mobile VR. As he says there will always be a PC or VR market.

Brenden has also talked about Standalone Oculus headset. It has all-in-one features and the price will be less than VR Gear, but more than Rift.

Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash last week talked about Standalone Oculus and about headsets by 2021. She also announced that Oculus Rift headset now contains fewer elements and the price has decreased by hundreds of dollars.But there is a question: Do people need headsets with wires like Oculus Rift at all? So Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe has talked about this kind of questions.


Brendan explains that to track a large area we still need this wires otherwise we need the third camera. In case of HTC Vive we will need that third camera and they sell it separately. Oculus Rift is for small room where the user doesn’t walk ,he just can take one or two steps.

There’s no need for a computer or to put in a phone. The user will just put it in his head and it turns on. Standalone Oculus needs only to be charged up.

The Rift is now open to more hardware. Of course with cheap computers and laptops, it doesn’t work as good as with high-end PC’s, but the quality is at least good.

In the end, Brendan added that they won’t plan a new Rift for few years, but they will make some updates. For the future, they plan to make the next major leap. MAC users won’t need Rift probably, but Standalone will be great for them.