Turnabout 3-D Startup Is All In On VR

Turnabout 3-D Startup  is all in on VR

Turnabout 3-D Startup is all in on VR

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Fox2now, a well-known television station, has spoken with Joe Mason the founder of Turnabout 3-D virtual reality. The company produced its immersive VR helmet back in 2016 delivering a moving scene in 360 degrees and in 3D. When a user moves their head left and right or up and down the scene moves with them.

Mason said to Fox2now, that it is difficult to express how intense is VR experience unless they try it. The company spends 2 years in order to created virtual environment.

Fox2now reporter tested the demonstration of one of their two camera units consisting of 18 cameras. Mason added that people can travel and experience some places with VR and added that all people who tested Turnabout 3-D VR said that this is a new beginning for media.

Turnabout 3-D suggest several packages for brands and businesses as well. They help to create the most immersive and interesting VR content for companies. The St. Louis-based company founder said that now they use 4K cameras which are a power consumption and data. They also have an application, which is free, that allows people play games, take VR tours and do other activities in VR.