Virtual Reality And Facebook

Virtual Reality and Facebook

Virtual Reality and Facebook

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Virtual reality as we know has been undergoing changes and developments for a few years already, and many giants in the tech world have huge plans concerning VR. One of these great giants, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO recently mentioned that they have huge plans concerning the device. Facebook owns the virtual reality Oculus Rift headset and in a few weeks, the customers long-awaited device will be up for sale, but unfortunately the gaming community has somehow conceived the device.


Facebook has also announced that they have a so-called “Social VR” expert team, and they are in the process of building something great which will connect people with a different realm, on a virtual one. This project will create another version of Facebook, just in a virtual world, the team will try to anticipate what kind of devices we will have in the future by having current knowledge from the Oculus and similar devices, and build a new platform, a new field where people will interact on an entirely new level, it will be the platform of the future. Recently the Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona and Facebook unraveled the secret concerning their team members, Zuckerberg also mentioned that the most anticipated social platform is going to be virtual reality; he also mentioned that Oculus in cooperation with Facebook’s team is going to build all the necessary apps and next generation virtual platforms.


The team will be led by two principal gaming company workers, Michael Booth and Daniel James, both major designers. Basically, what Facebook is trying to do is create a platform where people from distant parts of the world will feel like they are hanging out together in one room, interact on a different level, almost like you are all together, although the distance is huge. In his interview with Wired, Mark told the audience that a pair of glasses which have no difference from typical optical glasses will be all that is required for the users to connect, and they will be able to shift worlds at the push of a button or a move of a finger, shift from virtual reality to actual reality.

As the future developments concerning the field will be made by Facebook personnel, users will be able to see Facebook posts, upload their photos and even play social applications which are developed of course, by Facebook. In one of his posts Mark mentioned that Facebook has already given the opportunity for Millions of people to connect, they have developed other applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. and these will be the medium of the virtual world.


Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for VR is huge and in one of his interviews he mentioned that in maximum twelve years’ virtual reality devices will be insignificant, concerning size, people will wear them like regular clothing or eyewear, and by moving a few fingers they will be able to send, receive photos, watch videos, send snaps, etc. If one were to analyze the development of humanity in the past 20-30 years, they would notice that in the 90s 120 megabytes of memory had to use an enormous amount of room, and currently, 120 gigabyte of storage requires a small device at the size of a small cube, technology is surpassing the limits of our imagination, and as Zuckerberg mentioned, in a few years we will have absolutely new platforms in VR, which will surpass anything we currently imagine. In his vision, Virtual and Augmented Realities will blend into one, a new world is created where the user is immersed with the help of headsets, and the more we go into the future, the smaller the devices will be.


Putting aside Facebook and it’s plans for the future, understanding the evolution of Oculus Rift is important. Initially, the interior doesn’t look like something amazing, it is the size of brick, dark black box, and on someone’s face, it looks like regular skiing goggles with a lot of wires popping out the back of the device, in a few words you look like a human robot. You wouldn’t wear these glasses to a fashion show, it looks like a giant black box on your face, but Palmer Luckey wouldn’t agree with us, he is the creator of the Oculus, a very young, 17-year-old guy, who built it not in a tech. lab, in a small garage, he raised about 2 million dollars and just a few years later the product is one of the leading tech. inventions in the Silicon Valley.


According to Rezab, VR’s success depends greatly on the number of users, for the technology to flourish, people need to buy it regularly and according to him about 55 million people are required to use VR headsets daily, to give the boost the production needs, however, he is keener on developing augmented reality. It is understandable as the VR world needs more products to further explore their capabilities, need investments in the field and users are the ones who give them the opportunity, futuristically speaking most of the current Oculus and similar device users want nothing more than future developments in the field, they have a vision and they share it, they want to live in another world where possibilities are endless and imagination has no limits, and they will without doubt help VR progress, help Rezab reach his goal, help Zuckerberg and his team build his future machine of social networking.


The world is undergoing major changes, both in the technological field and the mental, the way people are looking at the world has changed rapidly, and now possibilities are endless, a 17-year-old teenager was able to create a product which is the king product in the Silicon Valley, current technology offers the chance for each engineer, nano expert, etc. to create or contribute to the creation of a product which will change the world as we know.


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