VR Has Prepared A Pair Of VR Shoes For Its Fans

VR has prepared a pair of VR shoes for its fans

VR has prepared a pair of VR shoes for its fans

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The Cerevo, one of the well known tech maker companies, has unveiled a new device with VR support during the CES 2017. This new facility, titled as Cerevo Taclim, will empower gamers to use their feet through the tactile devices.

The VR supported gadget will run with the help of hand controllers. With this device players will be able to launch their legs kicking them as in real life. There are several pattern of the vibration patterns such as paddle, swamp, iron plate and the user can feel them differently in their sole of the foot.

The company Cerevo has created and evolved its VR shoes cooperating with Nidec Seimitsu Corporation. There are 8 tactile devices made by Nidec Seimitsu Corporation in the shoes and gloves in total.

When walking on various surface, the Taclim generates vibrations, which shows the gadget’s ability of discernment the surface bottom in whatever place it is used.

Cerevo hasn’t given any information about the device’s price yet. The purported released date is also not known. But, according to the promising sources the device will be ready to use with the price range of $1100-$1500.