VR Headsets - What To Choose

VR Headsets – What To Choose

VR Headsets – What To Choose

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VR has taken the tech. market by surprise; more products are being released, and 2016 has been a successful year for many developers and technological monsters, products such as the Oculus Rift has caused a huge uproar inside the market. Many users have huge expectations concerning the field, and so far VR has been able to compete with giants such as Microsoft, Sony, with Xbox One and Play Station 4 respectively. Many devices have entered the field, such as HTC Vive, which is a huge product in the field and the list goes right up to Google’s Cardboard, of course, the price range is enormous, but all of them are somehow effective and strong in the arcade of VR trends. Fortunate for us most of our home PC’s are powerful, and they have the capability of creating something new, something very similar to VR. The following list is for everyone who is interested in VR, products which have entered the market so far and how exactly do they compare with one another.


An easy to use device, which provides stunning 3D graphics and is a game changer in other words in the virtual world is the one and only Oculus Rift. Sadly, the device is expensive costing about 600 dollars, and that does not top it up, you also need a PC, which is relatively robust, it is like a powerful tool. It is very easy to use, and most users are happy with their experience. Imagine you are looking through a piece of glass, and going through a roller coaster ride directly from your home; you can experience whatever you can imagine thanks to this device, overall this device delivers a fantastic experience. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to explain how the machine performs and what the user sees, trivial things to explain how it works such as images, videos are not enough, it is something new to humanity, unlike anything. To further imagine how the device works, use your creativity, close your eyes, create an environment where you are the creator, you have the opportunity to fire weapons, drive cars, witness wars, craft things, create a home which is entirely based on virtual aspects, that is what this device delivers to us, users, and it actually works. For using the device, the user needs an HDMI and USB 3.0 port and they have to be plugged in. Other plugins include the wireless dong controller provided by Xbox One, and you have the opportunity to plug it into a USB 3.0 or even 2.0 port, and so far there have been a very moderate amount of user complaints concerning the device.


Ignoring the Oculus Rift for a moment, a similar device catches the user by surprise, it is the HTC Vive. The sample, which was announced earlier, had an incredible feature, it was the fact that it is not just a headset, it is a system which supports full VR. Except the device itself with the package the user gets two lighthouse towers which should be put at different corners of the room where the user would be seated, a pair of wireless controllers which regulate motion, and a field of shooting lasers for tracking the movement. This product basically is a prototype which doesn’t exactly look like hardware for gaming, more like a perfected version of the Steam Device. It has a very smooth trackpad, side bumpers which are reacting to the user only if they press them very hard, a front trigger and finally two top buttons. Originally the Controller was meant to give gamers who use PC’s a precision which is high and precise, but the thing is d-pads which are relatively cheap could replace the system. The design is very similar to Wii’s remote system, but uses a new concept which is somehow futuristic, each particle looks expensive and smooth, basically invites the user to press them more often. The concept is new, an innovation in the field which is wonderful as people who are already submissive in the VR field, but this product is news for them.


The next device which caught the VR world with a bang is the PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset, and it was previously known as ‘Project Morpheus.’ The concept difference between the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR is one small feature, Oculus requires connection to a computer, and the PlayStation VR is basically an add on to the Play Station System. Fortunately, is not entirely virtually stimulated, it is a PS4 tool, but as it is an add-on, it will be much cheaper (About 400 dollars) when compared to the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, of course, it will arrive later than the two but later means more features and better quality. The main difference between the PlayStation VR and others who use technologies alike is the PS Camera, it creates an impressive experience, completely virtual driven, the camera is in a combination with the well known Play Station 4 controller, the visuals are immensely admirable. A huge amount of content will also be released during 2016, games such as Ace Combat 7, and plenty of trailers are also going to be released.

Sony-PlayStation-VR (1)

These are the main contestants of the market, but there are also a lot of products in this field, such as the Zeiss VR One, LG 360 VR, Samsung Gear VR and much more which are strong contestants to the mentioned devices. But how to determine which device is better, the answer to this question mainly lays in your pocket, how much money are you willing to spend on these headsets, if you do not give much thought about your personal finance management, then Oculus Rift is the deal as it has already been on the market and many users are happy with their experience, but putting aside the price and quality, all the presented VR systems are huge contestants in the market, each filled with unique features, and it is up to you to decide what is right for you.



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    I think that Ouculus is good for choose