VR Preparation For Safety-Critical Works

VR  Preparation for Safety-Critical Works Source: Rafael Valentim

VR Preparation for Safety-Critical Works

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Some professionals of nuclear sphere have joint with Samuel Vine who works at University of Exeter as psychologist, researcher to give a preparation in VR. The course is described as “Cineon Training” which purposes help people to escape from various accidents.

This is a unique partnership that brings together various experts from Psychology, Risk, Media, Military, Health industry. This program helps employees to perform better in risky conditions and limit accidents due to 360 videos courses which can be watched in VR headsets.

The important point is that they focused on the physiological aspects how other people deal when they are under stress utilizing eye tracking technologies. The class will take place on 27th of April 2017 at the University of Exeter which is completely free.

Mr Vine said in his speech that they managed to build critical situations in virtual reality environment which can be tested by participants utilizing VR headsets. He added that they involve cutting edge technologies to help specialists to reduce stress and build strong teamwork.

They did many years of research in this simulated preparation in various fields like aeronautics, medicine, military. They succeeded to provide these methods only with assistance of immersive technologies. University of Exeter team strongly believes that due to psychical knowledge and the ability to work in stressful conditions you may acquire excellent skills.