VR Teamworks Are Possible With VolksWagen

VR Teamworks Are Possible With Volkswagen (Video)Source: Volkswagen Media

VR Teamworks Are Possible With Volkswagen (Video)

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Volkswagen, the well known company in automotive industry, announced on 5th of July about the new VR app. This new platform will be demonstrated during DIGILITY taking place from July 5 to July 6, 2017, in Germany. Volkswagen reported that the application allows people to meet virtually and share their ideas with each other.

Volkswagen has built VR application in collaboration with HTC Vive. The automaker has involved all VR applications they have into a single hub with the partnership of Innoactive. This means that all the workers of Volkswagen other firms like Skoda, Seat and Audi will have a great opportunity to work together on various projects.

Volkswagen Group is going to utilize Vive Business Edition costing $1,580 during their VR app demonstration. Mathias Synowski, who is a member of logistics team, stated that they will be able to take part virtually in events which are happening on the other side or they may get a piece of advice from another firm through VR. This kind of group work will save more time and will relieve working procedure by making it easier.

Business Development VP at HTC Vive Hervé Fontaine has announced in a statement that the partnership with Innoactive is a great experience as it allows initially plan and prepare many workers to a completely new method of working ahead of time. While the founder of Innoactive Hub Daniel Seidl has told that they are happy to create such platform which not only solves many problems of team working but makes it easier to when getting started.

The visitors of DIGILITY will be able to see the first VR demonstration from Innoactive, Volkswagen, and HTC Vive in July 5,6.