Watch Gold Cup Soccer In VR Without VR Headset

Watch Gold Cup Soccer in VR Without VR Headset

Watch Gold Cup Soccer in VR Without VR Headset

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California-based company LiveLike is partnering with Fox Sports to demonstrate Gold Cup games 2017 in VR. The games start on July 7th and will finish on 26th of July, 2017.

They will start demonstrating the game in VR with the team of the USA vs Panama taking place on July 9th. With this partnership they want to bring soccer in VR without a helmet. LiveLike, which is a platform that delivers major sports events in VR, previously showed Super Bowl 2017 in VR and now they want to demonstrate Gold Cup live in VR.

Miheer Walavalkar, one of the founders of LiveLike, told in his speech previous week during a demo, that all people will get an opportunity to follow the game in 360 formats via Cardboard or Gear VR and also using Android smartphone or iPhone without having a helmet.

Walavalkar said that they suggest two options for watching soccer with and without a helmet and added that those people who will not have a VR helmet they will realize what they have missed in VR.

Now, the soccer match can be watched using Fox Sports VR App which was created by LiveLike. After opening the application users can connect to Facebook or join another people who also have the application and follow the game with friends. The app comes with customizable avatars and provides an option for communication. LiveLike uses 3D audio due to which users can hear other person voice louder when looking at them and the voice becomes quieter when user turns back.

Thus, those people who do not have VR helmet can watch the Gold Cup without a helmet through Fox Sports app. This VR experience will be the same as they would see using VR helmet.