Welcome The First VR Pen By Massless

Welcome the first VR Pen by Massless

Welcome the first VR Pen by Massless

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London and San Francisco-based firm called Massless is pleased to announce its new VR item – the Massless VR Pen. The idea of developing such Pen has come to Jack Cohen, the founder and CEO of Massless. Through the VR-Pen, the firm aims to bring the advantages of VR to 3D precise apps.

Creators claim that the Pen will give engineers and designers a lucky chance to create and control huge 3D exemplars within the real time. Through the item, people can spin their created models, modify the images, turning them, in order to understand an appropriate view.

With their Oculus CV1, or HTC eyewears on and the Massless Pen in their hands, people are enabled to write in VR areas with perfect precision of 0.05 mm, because of which the tool is considered to be the most accurate one in Virtual Reality. As the Massless has mentioned, the VR Pen is accessible and handy as everyone is aware of the use of pen.

In order to use the Massless Pen, users will need a PC, compatible with VR headset and with a memory of 16 GB, as well as Nvidia GeForce graphics card GTX 1060 and Intel-Core i5.

The models, created with VR Pen, are felt through Pen vibrations. The charge keeps three hours, and the tool is applicable through HTC Vive and Rift CV1.

The purported release date of the VR Pen will be in 2017, but the exact date and the price aren’t known yet.