Wesley Snipes Will Participate In A New VR Project

Wesley Snipes will participate in a new VR project

Wesley Snipes will participate in a new VR project

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Wesley Snipes has reported about his participation in Virtual world. The actor will be seen to the audience in a completely particular way, as he is readying to take action in an approaching brief movie, dubbed as “The Recall VR Abduction”.

This is an forthcoming VR project, which is being supervised by Mauro Borelli. The film’s actions occur in the same place as in the film “The Recall”. To the movie is allotted only 10 minutes, during which the viewers will have a fortune to see the movie from the viewpoint of R. J. Mitte, one the film’s characters.

The movie’s creating belongs to the Entertainment Mind’s Eye, to which belongs also the feature film “Recall”. During the film’s creating process the company worked together with Sky VR, as well as Bridgegate Pictures, Invico Capital, VMI WorldWide and TalkingDog Studios.

Under Wesley’s leadership, in the action will be performers like Jedidiah Goodacre, Hannah Rose May, Laura Maria Bilgeri and others. The VR world will works with Wesley for the first time, but as the actor has mentioned, this is considered to be a gorgeous format for all actors, as taking action in VR is the same thing as to perform a play.

Those who are interested in this new entertainment, will have to wait until the summer, as the “The Recall VR Abduction” is purported to be released before the “Recall” ‘s appearing on the big screens. About VR platforms on which the project will be run there is no exactly information. But there are rumors that some videos will be applicable on Facebook 360.